Sunday, December 6, 2009

The City of Blinding Lights

Oh downtown Vancouver, you are so beautiful. The tall buildings surrounded by the ocean, the view of the forests, and the snowy mountains... it's all so enchanting. The beautiful lights of the night are so inspiring, as well as the sound of multicultural music playing in the streets.

Yesterday was wonderful;
My normal shopping day at downtown is going to: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, Cupcakes, Chapters and then probably go to Holt Renfrew to see new fantastic clothes and accessories from designers. Last night, I tried some perfect Fendi heels on. I felt so great in them.

What I bought at Urban Outfitters:
Nail Polish: Pink2 $7 Sale 30% off =$5
Shirt: $42 Sale= $19.99
Mini Skirt: $78 Sale= $19.99
I went to this big American Apparel sale in at a fair. There was a really long line so when I got there I didn't get what I really wanted to... but I found a few nice things.


Hoodie: $53 Sale=$15

Highlighter pink jersey: $33 Sale=$10

Headband elastic: $4 Sale=$3



Money In My Closet said...

im so jelous.
thats all i wanted, because i really need one.
but when i went everything was damaged and xxls of things that I dont even know who wear's them.

The prices you paid at UO are really good, I have to check it out. I havent gone there in so long.

Lea said...

it was great, and the line was soo long! I know how you feel, I coudn't find what I wanted.