Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These days it comes it comes it comes...

I had a interview a couple of days with Mescenzi (, it was a real pleasure to do it! Here it is:

1: In five words how would you describe your style?
-My style is: chic, fun, elegant, romantic and edgy.

2: If you could get any one piece of clothing from any collection in time what would it be and why?
-If I could get any piece of clothing from any collection it would be the Chanel fringed jacket used in the Resort 2010 runway show, this type of jacket has been in almost every Chanel show and its elegant, iconic and chic.

3: If you could talk to or team up with/become buddies with any fashion designer or person in the industry who would it be and why?
-If I could talk to any person in the fashion industry it would be Anna Wintour. She is one of the most important people in the industry today and I think it would be fantastic to be able to talk to her about the options the fashion industry is offering to young stylist and designers.

4: What are your opinions on today's trends such as Gothic and biker influences, versus the nineties trends of micro minies and sparkles?
-If you wear a whole outfit with Goth stuff or sparkly with micro minis, I personally think that will be too exaggerated and too much for a person's eye . But I like the idea of mixing some of the bikers accessories or jackets with boho chic clothes or a sparkly dress with some simple heels and a jacket, its important to balance clothes and to keep things simple.

5: When certain trends roll through, as the years go by do you follow them or stay true to yourself, and why?
-Sometimes I do because I like to vary my style and try something new, but it really depends about the trend. If you don't like a trend why should you wear it?

6: As far as shoes go, what do you find more comfortable, versus what do you find most attractive?
-I find flats and wedges comfortable, because they really give you support for your feet, but I find more attractive high heels because they look way better and adds you some high. It always depends how it looks from the outside too, I personality don't like short heels and shoes with a lot going on.
7: When it comes down to your future what do you think you'll be doing in 10 years, will it have something to do with fashion and why?
-In ten years I see myself doing something to do with Fashion or Art, like being a fashion/interior designer, stylist or a fashion director for a magazine, I think Fashion and Art are things that I know I'm gonna have a passion forever since, I've always been involved in it.

8: What are your favorite magazines/inspirations for your blog and everyday style?
-My biggest inspiration for my blog and everyday style are magazines like Nylon, Vogue, Teenvogue and Italian Vogue and also other blogs like the Sartorialist where you get inspired by street style around the globe.

9: When did you first take and interest in fashion, how do you think that came along?
- I first took interest in fashion when I was very small, my grandma had this huge closet with vintage jewelery and dresses, she also had books that had fashion trends from certain decades, I started to copy my favorite designs and putting it together as a book of my own. Over the years I started combining different trends and creating my own style. I was really inspired by the Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada that uses bold colours, then I started realising that it was too much, so I changed to pastels colour and floral prints.

10: What music are you most interested in, and what music do you dispize?
-I really like indie music just as much as I like hip-hop and electronic but overall I love music that can inspire me. I dispize Pop punk, and some types of rock.

11:What movie have you seen, that you wanted to go up to the stylist and say "can i marry you?"
-It will have to be Alice in Wonderland (the one directed by:Tim Burton) or Marie Antoinette because they really resemble the movie and they are so well put together that it simply looks like a work of art.

12: What movie have you seen that you wanted to walk up to the stylist and smack them.
-I can't remember of one. I've seen so many movies and I think most of the clothes fit perfectly.
13.Who is your icon, and why?
-My icon is Coco Chanel. She was a women that went a lot through to get her dream and be a successful designer also because she made light dresses and pants for everyday women which totally made a difference in a woman's appearance since today.
Thank you Mescenzi!
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