Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have finally returned! Exams are over, and the summer has just begun! Here's a new outfit post. The weather was cool, regardless of the start of the new season! So I decided to wear my oversized cardigan with some leopard legwear.





I also took some photos of my stylish brother, Marko.


Please visit his new blog: Blinding Vanities.

Thank you all for being such awesome readers! :)

xoxo Lea


Esther said...

such stylish siblings :) congrats on end of exams!

pink powder said...

Jealous! I still have exams :( Cute look. Not usually a fan of leopard but you look adorable


Camilla said...

Great outfit x


ZKIKI said...

Great set!

You and your brother are very pretty :))))

xoxo zkiki

Celia said...

woow! you look really beautiful!
I'm going to visit the blog of your brother NOW! he is very handsome!hhahah

Katnani said...

I'm LOVING your pants!!!! I want them! You styled them awesomely!!! :)

Your brother is REALLY stylist, I'm checking his blog out!


Let´s play pretend! said...

Wow!! amazing!! xoxo

Alice said...

those pants are awesome

revital said...

gorgeous images!! love the location!


Lea said...

thank you all!

melina bee said...

what a comfy but very cute outfit, I love leopard. cute bro too

Jose Ramon Santana Vazquez said...
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Jadorelesfleurs said...

Cute outfit !! Have a nice summer ! And also, cute brother... haha


ThetreegavemeaFruit said...

Great blog !
J'aime :)
I don't know if you understand french, 'cause it's late, and i'm tired and at that time my english sucks , ANYWAY ! I always visit your blog, and i think that you have a great style .... Great great girl !
See ya in France (i don't know what i say tthat!)

MMM said...

amazing leggings!!!
have a look at

Fashionate Girl said...

your blog is amazing, and you have such an amazing personal style. please check out my blog. i'm gonna be adding photos of my own outfits really soon but i hope that you'll check it out. i need some viewers! you can find my blog at: www.polkadotpassion.blogspot.com

libys11 said...

i love the mix of textures and print in your outfit!! really chic! and your brother is really stylish! :D

Anonymous said...

So I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! Your style is amazing.

Marimar Mat said...

love your leggings!


The Runaway Dress said...

thanks god exams are over and summer is here, i can't stand to look at another study note. Anyways, i guess being stylish runs in your family's blood

Diana said...

your style is so gorgeous, I love it! I just stumbled upon your blog. love this outfit

please check out/follow me!!


I'm brandddd new to the fashion blogging world :)