Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eyes Be Closed

                      If it wasn't for my brother's encouragement in my life most of the great things I have accomplished (such as the blog, which I truly want to be more consistent on my posts) would have never happened. He has always done his own thing, not caring about what the people surrounding him think, its why he such an inspiration to me. The pictures above where styled and shot by him. He wanted to create an outfit with a lot of shape and prints that will normally not look together. Underneath the skirt there is at least four skirts that help create the right volume.
See more of his photography and art here

Vintage: jacket, dress (used as a top), bag , jewelry
Forever21: skirt
Aldo: tights 


based said...

omg, this is so great! He is really talented!

Adeline Yang said...

your brother could really be a one damn great stylist. i looooovveee this outfit. it looks so chic and so blair waldorf ;)