Monday, July 23, 2012


Went crazy in a Peruvian market, back in March, and got three different harem pants. I call the ones I'm wearing above my 'M.I.A pants', possibly one of the confiest things I own in my wardrobe, along with the two others. The bag, is also from there, yet I bought this little treasure in a garage sale here.

Also wearing: Urban Outfitters blazer + Walmart moccasins


ada xoxo said...

really like the colours of your outfit !

mrs_coffee said...

Love your pants so much !

Xixia said...

Ooh, great pairing with the harem pants and the blazer! Very chic. (:
♥ xixia |

Magna said...

I absolutely love everything in this outfit, those pants are just perfect.
I love your blog, I will definitly follow yours. Check mine if you like.