Saturday, May 18, 2013


 (Sirens top+pants/Vintage bag+heels/Front & Company necklace)
I apologize for such long absence my lovess; I've been enjoying this town and the great people within it, as I'll be leaving them in just  a couple of months.

I've grown to hate skinny pants because after the second wear, they are not skinny anymore! So, when I found these flowy bottoms while at work, I thought it would be a good change. They are fully made out of rayon which means they insulate your body heat so you can wear throughout the warmer months, keeping you cool and comfy. They are pretty much fancy pijama pants...with zippers on the sides (which you can't see).
Enough bout the pants. Lets talk about these 80's heels:
I've walked six hours with them...that pretty much says it all.

La chanson aujourd'hui♪:


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omg this is perfect