Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm back.

Really busy with school, sorry. Some posts today to make you guys happy. I've been passioned for cooking lately, I think its lovely to cook specially when you decorated at the end and make it look modern & simple, something a magazine editor will eat. I want to share this recipe with you guys.
looks delicious
You need:
-1tsp of already chopped garlic
-Half a lemon
-1cup of milk
-olive oil
-1 1/2 tbsp of flour
-coconut (don't buy the actual coconut, buy the dry strips coconut)
-About 20 frozen tiger shrimp non cooked
(this recipe is for about 20 shrimp, if you want to cook 40 shrimp then double every ingredient)

1.Place the shrimp in a boll with warm water till they unfroze
2.Peal the shell, don't take of the tail, be careful.

3. Mix the garlic and the juice from one of the half's of the lemon in a small container.
4. Put the Garlic & Lemon Juice mix in a sandwitch bag with the shrimp. Mix them all. And, put them in the fridge for about 20-30min.
5. Put the shrimp in the milk first, mix them. Let them stand for a minute or two.
6.Mean While mix the egg, the flour & the coconut together, the mix has to look smooth with no plain or balls of flour in it.
7. Pass all the shrimp to the flour, coconut & egg mix, and mix them fell, all the shrimp have to be cover with the mix, if not add another egg and another table spoon and a half of flour. Photobucket

8. In a medium size sauce pan boil about an inch thick of olive oil.
9. Let it boil. Deep fry all the shrimp till the outside looks gold & cooked. Photobucket

10. Since they where fried in olive oil you don't want to eat something oily and unhealthy, place them in a plate with a kitchen towel on top and let it absorb all the oil for 5 minutes.

Place them in a nice plait and... you are done!


cici said...

omgosh sounds sooo good.
i love shrimp

Sol said...

Don't eat fish, so seafood is out of my diet, but my bf would really appreciate this recipe!

Lea said...

thank you Cici & Sol!