Friday, July 16, 2010

Teen Vogue

This outfit was inspired by my love for TeenVOGUE and the preppy style of the character Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, my favorite TV show.
I am wearing a H&M headband; Joe flats, blouse and cardigan; and daisy dukes from Urban Planet.
I'm going away on vacation for a week so I won't be posting until I come back!


Maite Torres said...

your cardigan is so beautiful and so is your blouse.
and i love teen vogue:D

Lena ♥ said...

Adorable outfit!!
Will you check out my blog? :)

AlejandrA said...

ahh nice outfit!

Stephtea said...

sickeningly cute haha

Zaia said...

i love the stripes and flowers mixx, its so cute, and the teen vogue shots, theyre really cute, !
xx, zaia

michelle_ said...

i love the greeny oufit !
and how you took the inspiration from teen vogue !!
you're lovely !

Ms K said...

good outfit!!!
I love to read teen vogue too=)


G E N I E said...

Hi !! I just saw your outfit on Lookbook and it's so adorable!! the photos looks like a really shoot for a teen vogue magazine!! and I adore that you only have 14 years old! :D

I'm following u !!

kisses from Mexico!!
and check it out my blog :D

Simona said...

really cute outfit! and you got great legs girl :D

stop by if you have time

Kendr▲ said...

You have the most amazing long legs!

Effi said...

beutiful look! love your blog!!

visit anytime:

Celia said...

Soo cutee!

Anonymous said...

I love the little striped ruffled top, and the cardigan is so cute!

Anonymous said...

the OUTFIT is so cool !

NiNi said...

hey,I really like your blog.
It's kind of fresh(if you know what I mean...)and your as the age as I am.
I love your style,it's like if you've never did anything else than beeing you!
greetings NINI
and keep your style xoxo

BaCreando said...

beautiful in its simplicity your look!

fashionfamous said...

I love it the outfit! :)


nemee said...

i love the cardigan ! i like that the scarf matches the cardigan too .

Audrey Leighton said...

You are adorable! I love you!
You look great, the green accents work well!

Would love to collaborate with you and my vintage store. drop me an email at cannot seem to find your email address anywhere here? xxx

frassy love

erin :) said...

Argh. I can't see half the photos of your blog: it says "upgrade to Pro today! Bandwidth exceeded. photobucket." But I love your blog! I wish I could see all you pics. xDD

Lovely blog,
Erin :))

erica. said...

Hi from chicago! :D

I really adore this outfit; all of your outfits are lovely. don't ever change who you are chica, cuz you seem awesome!

Love your blog as well.


Marcela said...

I love love loooooove your look girl! I'm Brazilian, my blog is
look here!!

Aleksandra said...

great cardigan and scarf! ; )

Annika said...

my first thought: a little blair waldorf is born :D

it´s awesome,really!!!you´re so beautiful and you have a great style too.

greetings from germany,have fun on your vacation :)

Porcelajn said...

B E A U T I F U L !
You look great !


MMM said...

so lovely! keep going =)
have a look at

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

lovely outfit! wud love to see more outfits inspired by blair!

StyleItInHeels said...

Just found your blog and I love it! Your outfits are wicked cute!! I was just woundering what camera you have?


BaCreando said...

Beautiful colors of these pictures!
if you look at my blog I'd be happy!
You can find a Gary Pepper giveaway for the ring YSL!

MMM said...

love your pics!!!
have a look at

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea!

The color teal is really pretty on you and that headband is adorable!

Anyways, I need some help! I'm 14 also, and I wanted to apply to be the best dressed reader for Teen Vogue. Do you have any tips? I was wondering, did you get accepted the first time you entered or did you keep trying?

Thanks so much for your help!