Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Puppy

I know I have not been blogging for a long time...but I took a break from it and focused on adjusting to school because at the end of the is more important. But I'm back and ready to blog more often! Well, today my brother took some photos of my new puppy and I. He is adorable.
Wearing: Urban Outfitters blouse, skirt and blazer/ Forever21 Mary Janes/ vintage purse.

→Also, please have in mind that my gmail is not for personal questions. If you wish to contact me, only speak of fashion or something of the sort. I am not replying to emails that ask about my personal life.


joninel said...

awwww....too cute!! love your blazer too :)

xoxo, vonny

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love your outfit too.

LUU H. said...

omg, so cute !!

Georgia said...

Awww just look at those ears! They're practically longer than his body.. I really love the minty blazer too
It would be mine

Sunshine In north said...

oh! I wish I would dare to walk in those shoes that you have! LOVE IT! ;)

rae said...

those shoes....AMAZING!
and your outfit is just as cute as your dog, which is VERY cute!

KajsaLoviisa said...

Aww, cute :)
And loove ur outfit ! <3

MMM said...

sooo lovely!
visit us on

Anonymous said...

I love love love your blog and your style!!

Jen Lyn said...

Love love love your blazer!

Laura May Ranola said...

Found your blog via lookbook! I was amazed that you were only 14 and already you have a great sense of style! Keep it up!

Love your blog!

tosia-hej said...

your shoes and your puppy- amazing! i really love your style!:)
i'm definitly following!
visit my blog and maybe follow me back?

La coco ELIZABETH said...

wow you're so young and you have this amazing style.
i love what you wear here,and this sweet dog♥

hi there love said...
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hi there love said...

i love/need your shoes!
and your puppy is soo cute
great blog

Tamar said...

love your blazer, and your dog is so cute!