Sunday, September 5, 2010

Same Old Scene.

Garage sales are like treasure hunts. You never know what you'll find. Today I played around with my camera and took some pictures of my treasures.
This teacup and the jellyfish necklace are some of my Garage Sale finds. I love perfume bottles, specially when you put them all together, the variety of shapes and sizes look amazing. Here is my mom's YSL 'Elle' empty perfume bottle.
Teacups can be a very chic way of storing your jewellery in. ↑
This is another of the Garage Sale finds. My mom found this mannequin and I absolutely love it, all the pictures covering it makes this such a unique object.
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pink powder said...

wow love the dress form!

aizel camille said...

I like the mannequin.. =)

Ms K said...

nice jewellery


Lauren said...

pretty photos, i have ysl elle perfume. that mannequin is really cool.

Nádia said...

wow, the mannequin is GORGEOUS!

Femme said...

it all looks stunning!
great blog, I follow


Barbara said...

woow, I love the mannequin!

By the way I linked you in my Blogroll, not sure if I told you yet, just wanted to let you know. ;)

MMM said...

lovely shots!
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Lea said...

thank you so much everyone!

Anonymous said...

so cool.

NiNi said...

Oh these pictures are wonderful!
I really like your blog! And of course I follow you!
It's very cool to have such a cool style in your age!
greetings Nini
would be cool if you have a look at my blog and tell me how you like it...!

Esther said...

ooh yes i love garage sales too; they're the most perfect place to pick up pretty but random items <3 awesome photos you've taken too. the colours are beautiful

Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

I have visited your blog before and I find it very inspiring!
Take a look at my blog and leave a comment (:
- And if you like, please follow me back!

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