Friday, December 16, 2011

Another found treasure

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A couple of months ago my mom found a little thrift store who's all profits go to poor kids in Romania. This store does not only have the best clothes (because most of their costumers are seniors so they always have the good stuff left) but the fact that everything is so cheap. It's so cheap because I bought these maxi pants for 50 lie. I found them in the 'a dollar or less rack' and let me tell you, these are the best pants I own (even though they are two sizes bigger). I wore them with a black hat, which is also from the same store, my lovely Forever21 Mary Janes, Joe fresh shirt, H&M jacket and my brother's leather pouch.


fashionItinerary said...

love your maxi dress!!! now following you


Patricia said...

perfect outfit, brilliant !!

following you:)

marko said...

you'z a fashionista

Anonymous said...

Wow i love your taste and you are so pretty!
How old are you? xx

Gabinete Fashion said...

beautiful look.
follow me please.
xoxo Gabinete Fashio

Adeline Yang said...

totally adore the maxi pants!