Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Fish Out Of Water

Before I even knew when was my scoliosis surgery going to happen life was not good. Like most people that are diagnosed with scoliosis you try to hide your curve as much as possible so that nobody notices it. For years I wore jackets with almost everything and let my hair grow very long. Also you couldn't plan anything in your life (such as trips, projects) because you were just waiting for that call from the hospital telling you when are you getting the surgery done. Nevertheless, when it finally happened I felt (and still do) a sense of rebirth. Six months have passed and everyday I still learn something new about myself, like the other day when my doctor finally told me the degrees of my curve now. From 96 degrees to 7 degrees! Unbelievable. 

Wearing: vintage blouse, my mom's earrings and a Topshop bag


Ev Krebs said...
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Ev Krebs said...

I love the shoes with the outfit!

96 degrees to 7 degrees, that is crazy. Glad to see you're back, blogging and happy! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you, honestly!
I'm glad that you have a better self confidence now that you have gotten your back fixed.
My best friend has scoliosis and when we have sleepovers, even though she is totally confident in front of me and stuff, she still feels kind of awkward because of her back. I still love her though, and tell her to stay strong and that it will get better.
Thank you for this post :)

marko said...