Friday, August 24, 2012


 Urban Outfitters necklace/ Glamorous maxi skirt/ Forever 21 heels/ Vintage bag + belt

If anybody has plans to visit Vancouver anytime soon, you must come to Gastown. South of the Waterfront station, this place has one of the oldest buildings in the city and a lot of cute shops and restaurants. The other day my family and I went on a hunt to find possibly the only Peruvian restaurant (Silvestre) in the area, near the steam clock. It was delicious. Highly recommend to any body seeking to eat something Latin American or Peruvians (such as myself) that are a tad tired of drinking powder Chicha and sachets meals. 

Now I know most of you are starting to buy back-to-school/uni clothes, and I know it can be truly expensive, sooooo I've decided to help you thanks to the team at Modocat! You can get up to 60% off on any of your purchases while you use the code SUBURBANDIARIES ! Now that's a good deal considering that they have really good things ( and it's quite affordable. Shop till you drop readers! 


Lily said...

Thanks for this deal! Love your flowy skirt and photos!

Vicky said...

Your skirt is so wonderful!!! awesome!

The Golden Bun

Irene Aldao said...

I love skit is vey nice :)
the outfitthat you ade is awesome :)
I follow you because I love you blog :D
I will be so gratuful if you could visit my blog, and let there you opinion

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based said...

how I love each and every of your styles!