Monday, November 15, 2010

No buses



Last weekend my friend Tiffany and I went to take photos. The view was stunning!

I am wearing one of my favourite skirts, it was a gift from the Brow-Ny team! Thank you! I am also wearing a H&M leather jacket and purse, vintage jewellery and Forever 21 heels (I can't stop wearing them! They make every outfit look amazing!)




Jay said...

Your outfit is so cute! love that skirt :)

Anonymous said...

Very classy!
your black tights and skirt are amazing!

Jessy Mercedes said...

UR shoes are awesome!!
love this skirt too <3

Lala said...

Hey, I follow your blog and I love it so I tagged you on a blogger interview. Check out my blog to see it and it would be sweet of you to answer it and continue the chain :)

Suz said...

yes, your shoes are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I Love you blog, and your outfit posts. ! xoxox,

Sharina said...

You girls are gorgeous!! :)

merve said...

happy new year, beauty ! ♥
check out my blog :)

snoWhite said...

great pics!
xoxo S.

Amy Mcmillan said...

Lovely pictures! Cute skirt.
I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)


I love your shoes !! xx

Haley said...

Love the outfits! and the back ground! I love the rest of your posts as well. I am now following your blog, check out mine (i am a new blogger:))